eventMessageDetail resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Represents details of a system event message.

System messages are messages generated for events such as members added to a channel, members added to a chat, and team description updated.

Supported events

Event Description
callEndedEventMessageDetail A call has ended.
callRecordingEventMessageDetail Call recording is available.
callStartedEventMessageDetail A call has started.
callTranscriptEventMessageDetail Call transcript is available.
channelAddedEventMessageDetail A channel has been added.
channelDeletedEventMessageDetail A channel has been deleted.
channelDescriptionUpdatedEventMessageDetail Channel's description has been updated.
channelRenamedEventMessageDetail A channel has been renamed.
channelSetAsFavoriteByDefaultEventMessageDetail A channel has been set as favorite by default.
channelUnsetAsFavoriteByDefaultEventMessageDetail A channel has been unset as favorite by default.
chatRenamedEventMessageDetail A chat has been renamed.
conversationMemberRoleUpdatedEventMessageDetail Role has been updated for a member.
meetingPolicyUpdatedEventMessageDetail Meeting policy has been updated.
membersAddedEventMessageDetail Members have been added.
membersDeletedEventMessageDetail Members have been removed.
membersJoinedEventMessageDetail Members have joined.
membersLeftEventMessageDetail Members have left.
messagePinnedEventMessageDetail A message has been pinned.
messageUnpinnedEventMessageDetail A message has been unpinned.
tabUpdatedEventMessageDetail A tab has been updated.
teamArchivedEventMessageDetail A team has been archived.
teamCreatedEventMessageDetail A team has been created.
teamDescriptionUpdatedEventMessageDetail Team's description has been updated.
teamJoiningDisabledEventMessageDetail Team joining has been disabled.
teamJoiningEnabledEventMessageDetail Team joining has been enabled.
teamRenamedEventMessageDetail A team has been renamed.
teamsAppInstalledEventMessageDetail Teams app has been installed.
teamsAppRemovedEventMessageDetail Teams app has been removed.
teamsAppUpgradedEventMessageDetail Teams app has been upgraded.
teamUnarchivedEventMessageDetail A team has been unarchived.



JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.eventMessageDetail"