groupLifecyclePolicy resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Represents a lifecycle policy for a Microsoft 365 group. A group lifecycle policy allows administrators to set an expiration period for groups. For example, after 180 days, a group expires. When a group reaches its expiration, owners of the group are required to renew their group within a time interval defined by the administrator.

  • Once renewed, the group expiration is extended by the number of days defined in the policy and the group's expirationDateTime property defines the new expiration date.
  • If the group is not renewed, it expires and is deleted. The group can be restored within a period of 30 days from deletion.


Method Return Type Description
Get policy groupLifecyclePolicy Read properties and relationships of a groupLifecyclePolicy object.
List policies groupLifecyclePolicy collection List all the groupLifecyclePolicies.
Update policy groupLifecyclePolicy Update a groupLifecyclePolicy object.
Delete policy None Delete a groupLifecyclePolicy object.
Add group None Add a group to a lifecycle policy
Remove group None Remove a group to a lifecycle policy.


Property Type Description
alternateNotificationEmails String List of email address to send notifications for groups without owners. Multiple email address can be defined by separating email address with a semicolon.
groupLifetimeInDays Int32 Number of days before a group expires and needs to be renewed. Once renewed, the group expiration is extended by the number of days defined.
id String A unique identifier for a policy. Read-only.
managedGroupTypes String The group type for which the expiration policy applies. Possible values are All, Selected or None.



JSON representation

The following JSON representation shows the resource type.

  "alternateNotificationEmails": "String",
  "groupLifetimeInDays": 180,
  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "managedGroupTypes": "String"