groupSettingTemplate resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Group setting templates represent system-defined settings available to the tenant. Group settings can be created based on the available groupSettingTemplates, and values changed from their preset defaults. Group setting templates cannot be created, updated or deleted. These settings can represent tenant-wide settings, or can represent specific group settings. Currently, the only templates available for groups apply to Microsoft 365 groups, and include settings such as whether users can create groups or invite guests from outside the organization to become members of a group.

For more information about the Microsoft 365 groups-specific settings, see group (directory) settings.


The /beta version of this resource is named directorySettingTemplate.


Method Return Type Description
Get groupSettingTemplate groupSettingTemplate Read the specific properties of one of the system defined groupSettingTemplate objects.
List groupSettingTemplate Collection of groupSettingTemplate List all of the system defined groupSettingTemplate objects.


Property Type Description
description String Description of the template.
displayName String Display name of the template. The template named Group.Unified can be used to configure tenant-wide Microsoft 365 group settings, while the template named Group.Unified.Guest can be used to configure group-specific settings.
id String Unique identifier for the template. Read-only.
values settingTemplateValue collection Collection of settingTemplateValues that list the set of available settings, defaults and types that make up this template.



JSON representation

The following JSON representation shows the resource type.

  "description": "String",
  "displayName": "String",
  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "values": [{ "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.settingTemplateValue" }]