windowsAutopilotDeploymentProfile resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Important: Microsoft Graph APIs under the /beta version are subject to change; production use is not supported.

Note: The Microsoft Graph API for Intune requires an active Intune license for the tenant.

Windows Autopilot Deployment Profile


Method Return Type Description
Get windowsAutopilotDeploymentProfile windowsAutopilotDeploymentProfile Read properties and relationships of the windowsAutopilotDeploymentProfile object.
assign action None
Policy Set
hasPayloadLinks action hasPayloadLinkResultItem collection


Property Type Description
id String Profile Key
displayName String Name of the profile
description String Description of the profile
language String Language configured on the device
createdDateTime DateTimeOffset Profile creation time
lastModifiedDateTime DateTimeOffset Profile last modified time
outOfBoxExperienceSettings outOfBoxExperienceSettings Out of box experience setting
enrollmentStatusScreenSettings windowsEnrollmentStatusScreenSettings Enrollment status screen setting
extractHardwareHash Boolean HardwareHash Extraction for the profile
deviceNameTemplate String The template used to name the AutoPilot Device. This can be a custom text and can also contain either the serial number of the device, or a randomly generated number. The total length of the text generated by the template can be no more than 15 characters.
deviceType windowsAutopilotDeviceType The AutoPilot device type that this profile is applicable to. Possible values are: windowsPc, surfaceHub2.
enableWhiteGlove Boolean Enable Autopilot White Glove for the profile.
roleScopeTagIds String collection Scope tags for the profile.


Relationship Type Description
assignedDevices windowsAutopilotDeviceIdentity collection The list of assigned devices for the profile.
assignments windowsAutopilotDeploymentProfileAssignment collection The list of group assignments for the profile.

JSON Representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.windowsAutopilotDeploymentProfile",
  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "displayName": "String",
  "description": "String",
  "language": "String",
  "createdDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "lastModifiedDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "outOfBoxExperienceSettings": {
    "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.outOfBoxExperienceSettings",
    "hidePrivacySettings": true,
    "hideEULA": true,
    "userType": "String",
    "deviceUsageType": "String",
    "skipKeyboardSelectionPage": true,
    "hideEscapeLink": true
  "enrollmentStatusScreenSettings": {
    "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.windowsEnrollmentStatusScreenSettings",
    "hideInstallationProgress": true,
    "allowDeviceUseBeforeProfileAndAppInstallComplete": true,
    "blockDeviceSetupRetryByUser": true,
    "allowLogCollectionOnInstallFailure": true,
    "customErrorMessage": "String",
    "installProgressTimeoutInMinutes": 1024,
    "allowDeviceUseOnInstallFailure": true
  "extractHardwareHash": true,
  "deviceNameTemplate": "String",
  "deviceType": "String",
  "enableWhiteGlove": true,
  "roleScopeTagIds": [