itemAttachment resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

A contact, event, or message that's attached to a user event, message, or post.

Derived from attachment.


Method Return Type Description
Get itemAttachment Read the properties, relationships, or raw contents of an itemAttachment object.
Delete None Delete itemAttachment object.


Property Type Description
contentType String The content type of the attachment. Returned as null by default, when not set explicitly. Optional.
id String The attachment ID.
isInline Boolean Set to true if the attachment is inline, such as an embedded image within the body of the item.
lastModifiedDateTime DateTimeOffset The last time and date that the attachment was modified.
name String The display name of the attachment.
size Int32 The size in bytes of the attachment.


Relationship Type Description
item OutlookItem The attached message or event. Navigation property.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource

  "contentType": "string",
  "id": "string (identifier)",
  "isInline": true,
  "lastModifiedDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "name": "string",
  "size": 1024,
  "item": { "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.outlookItem" }