meetingTimeSuggestionsResult resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

A collection of meeting suggestions if there is any, or the reason if there isn't.

The following are the possible reasons that findMeetingTimes does not return any meeting suggestions.

emptySuggestionsReason value Reasons
attendeesUnavailable All of the attendees' availability is known, but not enough attendees are available to reach the meeting confidence threshold, which is 50% by default, for any time period.
attendeesUnavailableOrUnknown Some or all of the attendees have unknown availability, causing the meeting confidence to fall below the set threshold, which is 50% by default. Attendee availability can become unknown if the attendee is outside of the organization, or there is an error obtaining free/busy information.
locationsUnavailable The isRequired property of the locationConstraint parameter is specified as mandatory, and yet there are no locations available at the calculated time slots.
organizerUnavailable The isOrganizerOptional parameter is false and yet the organizer is not available during the requested time window.
unknown The reason for not returning any meeting suggestions is not known.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource

  "emptySuggestionsReason": "String",
  "meetingTimeSuggestions": [{"@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.meetingTimeSuggestion"}]


Property Type Description
emptySuggestionsReason String A reason for not returning any meeting suggestions. The possible values are: attendeesUnavailable, attendeesUnavailableOrUnknown, locationsUnavailable, organizerUnavailable, or unknown. This property is an empty string if the meetingTimeSuggestions property does include any meeting suggestions.
meetingTimeSuggestions meetingTimeSuggestion collection An array of meeting suggestions.