phoneAuthenticationMethod resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph


APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported. To determine whether an API is available in v1.0, use the Version selector.

A representation of a phone registered to a user. This resource includes the phone number, the phone type, and whether the phone is configured for the user to sign in via SMS.

A phone has one of three types: mobile, alternate mobile, or office. A user can have one number registered for each type, and must have a mobile phone before an alternate mobile phone is added. When using a phone for multi-factor authentication (MFA) or self-service password reset (SSPR), the mobile phone is the default and the alternate mobile phone is the backup.

Primary mobile phones can be used for both SMS and voice calls, depending on the tenant settings.

An office phone can only receive voice calls, not SMS messages.

This is a derived type that inherits from the authenticationMethod resource type.


Method Return Type Description
List phoneAuthenticationMethod Read properties and relationships of all of this user's phoneAuthenticationMethod objects.
Get phoneAuthenticationMethod Read properties and relationships of phoneAuthenticationMethod object.
Add phoneAuthenticationMethod Create a user's phoneAuthenticationMethod object.
Update phoneAuthenticationMethod Update phoneAuthenticationMethod object.
Delete None Delete phoneAuthenticationMethod object.
Disable SMS sign-in None Turn off SMS sign-in for a user.
Enable SMS sign-in None Turn on SMS sign-in for a user.


Property Type Description
id String The identifier of this phone registered to this user. Read-only.

The value of ID is one of the following:
  • b6332ec1-7057-4abe-9331-3d72feddfe41 - where phoneType is alternateMobile.
  • e37fc753-ff3b-4958-9484-eaa9425c82bc - where phoneType is office.
  • 3179e48a-750b-4051-897c-87b9720928f7 - where phoneType is mobile.
phoneNumber String The phone number to text or call for authentication. Phone numbers use the format "+<country code> <number>x<extension>", with extension optional. For example, +1 5555551234 or +1 5555551234x123 are valid. Numbers are rejected when creating/updating if they don't match the required format.
phoneType authenticationPhoneType The type of this phone. Possible values are: mobile, alternateMobile, or office.
smsSignInState authenticationMethodSignInState Whether a phone is ready to be used for SMS sign-in or not. Possible values are: notSupported, notAllowedByPolicy, notEnabled, phoneNumberNotUnique, ready, or notConfigured, unknownFutureValue.

authenticationPhoneType values

Phones can be of three types, the following are the possible values.

Value Description
mobile A primary mobile phone, usable for SMS and voice calls.
alternateMobile An alternate or backup mobile phone, usable only for voice calls.
office An office phone or landline, usable only for voice calls.

authenticationMethodSignInState values

The SMS sign-in state property gives information about whether or not a phone number is ready to sign in via SMS. The following are the possible values.

Value Description
notSupported Primary sign-in not supported on this authentication method - for example, sign-in can be enabled only on a user's primary mobile number, not the alternate number.
notAllowedByPolicy This user isn't enabled by policy to use this method as a primary sign-in.
notConfigured This user is enabled by policy to use this method as primary sign-in but needs to take further action to configure it.
phoneNumberNotUnique This user attempted to set up a phone number as primary sign-in but the number wasn't unique and can't be used as a sign-in name.
ready This authentication method is ready for use in primary sign-in.
notEnabled This sign-in method isn't enabled



JSON representation

The following JSON representation shows the resource type.

  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "phoneNumber": "String",
  "phoneType": "string",
  "smsSignInState": "string"