plannerRosterMember resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph


APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported. To determine whether an API is available in v1.0, use the Version selector.

Represents a member of a plannerRoster.

Inherits from entity.


Method Return type Description
List plannerRosterMembers plannerRosterMember collection Get a list of the plannerRosterMember objects and their properties.
Create plannerRosterMember plannerRosterMember Create a new plannerRosterMember object.
Get plannerRosterMember plannerRosterMember Read the properties and relationships of a plannerRosterMember object.
Delete plannerRosterMember None Deletes a plannerRosterMember object.


Property Type Description
id String The identifier of the plannerRosterMember. Inherited from entity
roles String collection Additional roles associated with the PlannerRosterMember, which determines permissions of the member in the plannerRoster. Currently there are no available roles to assign, and every member has full control over the contents of the plannerRoster.
tenantId String Identifier of the tenant the user belongs to. Currently only the users from the same tenant can be added to a plannerRoster.
userId String Identifier of the user.



JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.plannerRosterMember",
  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "userId": "String",
  "tenantId": "String",
  "roles": []