profile resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph


APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported. To determine whether an API is available in v1.0, use the Version selector.

Represents properties that are descriptive of a user in a tenant, for example, anniversaries and education activities. These properties are surfaced in shared, people experiences across Microsoft 365 and third-party services and experiences via Microsoft Graph.

Programmatically, these properties are expressed as relationships of the profile resource. To get one of these navigation properties or create an instance of these properties for the user, use the corresponding GET or POST method on that property, where applicable. See the methods listed below.


Method Return Type Description
Get profile profile Read properties and relationships of the profile object.
Delete profile None Delete a profile object.
Create userAccountInformation userAccountInformation Create a new userAccountInformation object by posting to the accounts collection.
List accounts userAccountInformation collection Get a userAccountInformation object collection.
Create itemAddress itemAddress Create a new itemAddress by posting to the addresses collection.
List addresses itemAddress collection Get an itemAddress object collection.
Create personAnniversary personAnniversary Create a new personAnniversary by posting to the anniversaries collection.
List anniversaries personAnniversary collection Get a personAnniversary object collection.
Create personAward personAward Create a new personAward object by posting to the awards collection.
List awards personAward collection Get a personAward object collection.
Create personCertification personCertification Create a new personCertification object by posting to the certifications collection.
List certifications personCertification collection Get a personCertification object collection.
Create educationalActivity educationalActivity Create a new educationalActivity by posting to the educationalActivities collection.
List educationalActivities educationalActivity collection Get an educationalActivity object collection.
Create itemEmail itemEmail Create a new itemEmail by posting to the emails collection.
List emails itemEmail collection Get an itemEmail object collection.
Create personInterest personInterest Create a new personInterest by posting to the interests collection.
List interests personInterest collection Get a personInterest object collection.
Create languageProficiency languageProficiency Create a new languageProficiency by posting to the languages collection.
List languages languageProficiency collection Get a languageProficiency object collection.
Create personName personName Create a new personName object by posting to the names collection.
List names personName collection Get a personName object collection.
Create personAnnotation personAnnotation Create a new personAnnotation object by posting to the notes collection.
List notes personAnnotation collection Get a personAnnotation object collection.
Create itemPatent itemPatent Create a new itemPatent object by posting to the patents collection.
List patents itemPatent collection Get an itemPatent object collection.
Create itemPhone itemPhone Create a new itemPhone by posting to the phones collection.
List phones itemPhone collection Get an itemPhone object collection.
Create workPosition workPosition Create a new workPosition by posting to the positions collection.
List positions workPosition collection Get a workPosition object collection.
Create projectParticipation projectParticipation Create a new projectParticipation by posting to the projects collection.
List projects projectParticipation collection Get a projectParticipation object collection.
Create itemPublication itemPublication Create a new itemPublication object by posting to the publications collection.
List publications itemPublication collection Get an itemPublication object collection.
Create personResponsibility personResponsibility Create a new personResponsibility object by posting to the responsibilities collection.
List responsibilities personResponsibility collection Get a personResponsibility object collection.
Create skillProficiency skillProficiency Create a new skillProficiency by posting to the skills collection.
List skills skillProficiency collection Get a skillProficiency object collection.
Create webAccount webAccount Create a new webAccount by posting to the webAccounts collection.
List webAccounts webAccount collection Get a webAccount object collection.
Create personWebsite personWebsite Create a new personWebsite by posting to the websites collection.
List websites personWebsite collection Get a personWebsite object collection.


Property Type Description
id String Read-only.


Relationship Type Description
accounts userAccountInformation collection Represents information specifically tied to a user's account.
addresses itemAddress collection Represents details of addresses associated with the user.
anniversaries personAnniversary collection Represents the details of meaningful dates associated with a person.
awards personAward collection Represents the details of awards or honors associated with a person.
certifications personCertification collection Represents the details of certifications associated with a person.
educationalActivities educationalActivity collection Represents data that a user has supplied related to undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate or other educational activities.
emails itemEmail collection Represents detailed information about email addresses associated with the user.
interests personInterest collection Provides detailed information about interests the user has associated with themselves in various services.
languages languageProficiency collection Represents detailed information about languages that a user has added to their profile.
names personName collection Represents the names a user has added to their profile.
notes personAnnotation collection Represents notes that a user has added to their profile.
patents itemPatent collection Represents patents that a user has added to their profile.
phones itemPhone collection Represents detailed information about phone numbers associated with a user in various services.
positions workPosition collection Represents detailed information about work positions associated with a user's profile.
projects projectParticipation collection Represents detailed information about projects associated with a user.
publications itemPublication collection Represents details of any publications a user has added to their profile.
responsibilities personResponsibility collection Represents details of responsibilities a user has added to their profile.
skills skillProficiency collection Represents detailed information about skills associated with a user in various services.
webAccounts webAccount collection Represents web accounts the user has indicated they use or has added to their user profile.
websites personWebsite collection Represents detailed information about websites associated with a user in various services.

JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

    "id": "String (identifier)"