schedule resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

A collection of schedulingGroup objects, shift objects, timeOffReason objects, and timeOff objects within a team.


Method Return Type Description
Create or replace schedule schedule Create or replace a schedule.
Get schedule schedule Get a schedule.
Share None Share a schedule time range with schedule members.


Name Type Description
enabled Boolean Indicates whether the schedule is enabled for the team. Required.
id string ID of the schedule.
offerShiftRequestsEnabled Boolean Indicates whether offer shift requests are enabled for the schedule.
openShiftsEnabled Boolean Indicates whether open shifts are enabled for the schedule.
provisionStatus operationStatus The status of the schedule provisioning. The possible values are notStarted, running, completed, failed.
provisionStatusCode string Additional information about why schedule provisioning failed.
swapShiftsRequestsEnabled Boolean Indicates whether swap shifts requests are enabled for the schedule.
timeClockEnabled Boolean Indicates whether time clock is enabled for the schedule.
timeOffRequestsEnabled Boolean Indicates whether time off requests are enabled for the schedule.
timeZone string Indicates the time zone of the schedule team using tz database format. Required.


Name Type Description
openshiftchangerequests openShiftChangeRequest collection The open shift requests in the schedule.
openshifts openShift collection The set of open shifts in a scheduling group in the schedule.
schedulingGroups schedulingGroup collection The logical grouping of users in the schedule (usually by role).
shifts shift collection The shifts in the schedule.
swapshiftchangerequests swapShiftsChangeRequest collection The swap requests for shifts in the schedule.
timesOff timeOff collection The instances of times off in the schedule.
timeOffReasons timeOffReason collection The set of reasons for a time off in the schedule.
timeoffrequest timeOffRequest collection The time off requests in the schedule.
workforceintegrations workforceIntegration collection An instance of a workforce integration per team with outbound data flow on synchronous change notifications (for supported entities).

JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "id": "833fc4df-c88b-4398-992f-d8afcfe41df2",
  "enabled": true,
  "timeZone": "America/Chicago",
  "provisionStatus": "Completed",
  "provisionStatusCode": null