vmMetadata resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph.security

Metadata of the virtual machine (VM) Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is running on.


Property Type Description
cloudProvider microsoft.graph.security.vmCloudProvider The cloud provider hosting the virtual machine. The possible values are: unknown, azure, unknownFutureValue.
resourceId String Unique identifier of the Azure resource.
subscriptionId String Unique identifier of the Azure subscription the customer tenant belongs to.
vmId String Unique identifier of the virtual machine instance.

vmCloudProvider values

Member Description
unknown Unknown provider.
azure The virtual machine is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud.
unknownFutureValue Evolvable enumeration sentinel value. Don't use.



JSON representation

Here's a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.security.vmMetadata",
  "vmId": "String",
  "cloudProvider": "String",
  "resourceId": "String",
  "subscriptionId": "String"