serviceHealthIssue resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Represents a service health issue in a service.

The service health issue can be a service incident or service advisory. For example:

  • Service incident: "Exchange mailbox service is down".
  • Service advisory: "Users may experience delays in emails reception".

Inherits from serviceAnnouncementBase.


Method Return type Description
Get issue serviceHealthIssue Retrieve the properties and relationships of a serviceHealthIssue object.
Get post-incident review report Stream Provides the post incident report (PIR) document of a specified service issue for tenant.


Property Type Description
classification serviceHealthClassificationType The type of service health issue. Possible values are: advisory, incident, unknownFutureValue.
details Collection(keyValuePair) Additional details about service health issue. This property doesn't support filters. Inherited from serviceAnnouncementBase.
endDateTime DateTimeOffset The end time of the service issue. Inherited from serviceAnnouncementBase.
feature String The feature name of the service issue.
featureGroup String The feature group name of the service issue.
id String The id of the service issue. Inherited from serviceAnnouncementBase.
impactDescription String The description of the service issue impact.
isResolved Boolean Indicates whether the issue is resolved.
lastModifiedDateTime DateTimeOffset The last modified time of the issue. Inherited from serviceAnnouncementBase.
origin serviceHealthOrigin Indicates the origin of the service issue. Possible values are: microsoft, thirdParty, customer, unknownFutureValue.
posts Collection(serviceHealthIssuePost) Collection of historical posts for the service issue.
service String Indicates the service affected by the issue.
startDateTime DateTimeOffset The start time of the service issue. Inherited from serviceAnnouncementBase.
status serviceHealthStatus The status of the service issue. Possible values are: serviceOperational, investigating, restoringService, verifyingService, serviceRestored, postIncidentReviewPublished, serviceDegradation, serviceInterruption, extendedRecovery, falsePositive, investigationSuspended, resolved, mitigatedExternal, mitigated, resolvedExternal, confirmed, reported, unknownFutureValue. See more in the table below.
title String The title of the service issue. Inherited from serviceAnnouncementBase.

serviceHealthStatus values

Member Description
serviceOperational The service is healthy and no issues have been identified.
investigating A potential issue was identified and more information is being gathered about what's going on and the scope of impact.
restoringService The cause of the issue has been identified, and action is being taken to bring the service back to a healthy state.
verifyingService The action has been taken to mitigate the issue and we have verified that the service is healthy.
serviceRestored The corrective action has resolved the underlying problem and the service has been restored to a healthy state. To find out what went wrong, view the issue details.
postIncidentReviewPublished A post-incident report for a specific issue that includes root cause information has been published, with next steps to ensure a similar issue doesn't reoccur.
serviceDegradation An issue is confirmed that may affect use of a service or feature. You might see this status if a service is performing more slowly than usual, there are intermittent interruptions, or if a feature isn't working, for example.
serviceInterruption You'll see this status if an issue is determined to affect the ability for users to access the service. In this case, the issue is significant and can be reproduced consistently.
extendedRecovery This status indicates that corrective action is in progress to restore the service to most users but will take some time to reach all the affected systems. You might also see this status if a temporary fix is made to reduce impact while a permanent fix is waiting to be applied.
falsePositive After a detailed investigation, the service is confirmed to be healthy and operating as designed. No impact to the service was observed or the cause of the incident originated outside of the service. Incidents and advisories with this status appear in the history view until they expire (after the period of time stated in the final post for that event).
investigationSuspended If our detailed investigation of a potential issue results in a request for additional information from customers to allow the service team to investigate further, you'll see this status. If service team needs you to act, they'll let you know what data or logs they need.
resolved Reserved for future use.
mitigatedExternal Reserved for future use.
mitigated Reserved for future use.
resolvedExternal Reserved for future use.
confirmed Reserved for future use.
reported Reserved for future use.



JSON representation

The following JSON representation shows the resource type.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.serviceHealthIssue",
  "startDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "endDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "lastModifiedDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "title": "String",
  "details": [
      "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.keyValuePair"
  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "impactDescription": "String",
  "classification": "String",
  "origin": "String",
  "posts": [
      "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.serviceHealthIssuePost"
  "status": "String",
  "service": "String",
  "feature": "String",
  "featureGroup": "String",
  "isResolved": "Boolean"