Build your first custom Microsoft Graph connector

Microsoft Graph connectors let you add your own data into Microsoft Graph and have it power various Microsoft 365 experiences.

This .NET Core application shows you how to use the Microsoft Graph connectors API to create a custom connector and use it to power Microsoft Search. This tutorial uses a sample data appliance parts inventory for the Contoso Appliance Repair organization.

How does the sample work?

The sample creates a Windows desktop app that acquires a token from the Microsoft identity platform, and uses it to send requests to the Microsoft Graph connectors API. The connectors API sends its response after the access is validated.

Diagram showing the Windows app acquiring a token and using it to access the Microsoft Graph connectors API



The best way to download files from GitHub is to go to the top level of the project. From the green Code download button on the right, choose Download ZIP. The ZIP file contains the contents of the repository.