Differences in actions between Azure AD Graph and Microsoft Graph

This article is part of step 1: review API differences of the process to migrate apps.

A handful of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Graph actions have changed. If an action is not shown in this list, it's already available in the v1.0 version of Microsoft Graph, with exactly the same name as in Azure AD Graph.

Azure AD Graph
(v1.6) function or action
Microsoft Graph
getAvailableExtensionProperties beta - Not available
v1.0 - directoryObjects/getAvailableExtensionProperties
getObjectsByObjectId beta - directoryObjects/getByIds
v1.0 - directoryObjects/getByIds
invalidateAllRefreshTokens beta - revokeSignInSessions
v1.0 - revokeSignInSessions
isMemberOf beta - Not planned
v1.0 - Not planned
Use checkMemberGroups and List memberOf instead.
restore beta - restore (selected directory objects)
v1.0 - restore selected directory objects)
You can also view supported directory objects such as deleted applications, users, and groups and permanently delete them.

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