Differences between resources in Azure AD Graph and Microsoft Graph

This article is part of step 1: review API differences of the process to migrate apps.

When migrating apps from Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Graph to Microsoft Graph, some resources have different names and different types. For example, if your Azure AD Graph app uses the TenantDetail resource, you need to update your code to refer to organization instead.

The following table highlights differences between Azure AD Graph and Microsoft Graph resources. It shows resources that have different names or aren't available; it also highlights resources available in the beta version of Microsoft Graph but not in the v1.0 version.

If a resource is not shown in this list, it's already available in the v1.0 version of Microsoft Graph, with the same name as in Azure AD Graph.


Resource type names in Azure AD Graph are Pascal-cased, whereas in Microsoft Graph they are camel-cased.

Azure AD Graph
(v1.6) resource
Microsoft Graph
CertificateAuthorityInformation beta - certificateAuthority
v1.0 - certificateAuthority
Contact beta - orgContact
v1.0 - orgContact
DirectoryLinkChange beta - New approach
v1.0 - New approach
Delta query supports relationship change detection with a mechanism that doesn't require this resource. See Feature differences between Azure AD Graph and Microsoft Graph.
OAuth2Permission beta - permissionScope
v1.0 - permissionScope
Policy beta - policyRoot
v1.0 - policyRoot
Each type of policy has a unique type name and structure, under the policies URL path segment, in Microsoft Graph. In Azure AD Graph, the type was a single policy type. For example, for Azure AD Graph you would work with the Policy resource, and set the type property to TokenIssuancePolicy, while in Microsoft Graph the resource would be the tokenIssuancePolicy resource.
ProvisioningError beta - Not available
v1.0 - Not available
This resource is deprecated. However, a new resource describing any AD Connect related provisioning errors can be found in onPremisesProvisioningError.
ServiceEndpoint beta - endpoint
v1.0 - endpoint
endpoints are only available as part of the group and servicePrincipalresources in beta, and the group resource in both beta and v1.0.
SignInName beta - New approach
v1.0 - New approach
New modeling for the identifiers used to sign into a user account. For more information, see objectIdentity resource type. Supports Azure AD B2C scenarios.
TenantDetail beta - organization
v1.0 - organization
TrustedCasForPasswordAuth beta - certificateBasedAuthConfiguration
v1.0 - certificateBasedAuthConfiguration
UserIdentity beta - objectIdentity
v1.0 - objectIdentity
New modeling for the identifiers used to sign into a user account, called objectIdentity. Supports Azure AD B2C scenarios.

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