Get component in Microsoft Graph Toolkit

You can use mgt-get to make any GET query from Microsoft Graph directly in your HTML. The component doesn't provide a default UI and requires that you write a template.


The following example shows the use of the mgt-get component to display a user's emails. You can use the code editor to see how properties and attributes change the behavior of the component.

Properties and attributes

You can use several attributes to change the behavior of the component. The only required attribute is resource.

Attribute Property Description
resource resource The resource to get from Microsoft Graph (for example, /me).
scopes scopes Optional array of strings if using the property or a comma-delimited scope if using the attribute. The component and a supported provider ensure that the user consents to at least one of the provided permissions.
version version Optional API version to use when making the GET request. Default is v1.0.
max-pages maxPages Optional number of pages (for resources that support paging). Default is 3. Setting this value to 0 retrieves all pages.
polling-rate pollingRate Optional number of milliseconds. When set, the component polls the request URI for updates in the defined interval. If using a delta query, polling always queries the delta API. The template only refreshes when the data changes.
cache-enabled cacheEnabled Optional Boolean. When set, it indicates that the response from the resource is cached. Override if refresh() is called or if pollingRate is in use. Default is false.
cache-invalidation-period cacheInvalidationPeriod Optional number of milliseconds. When set in combination with cacheEnabled, the delay before the cache reaches its invalidation period modifies the value. Default is 0 and uses the default invalidation period.
type type Optional type of the expected response. Default is json. Supports json or image (only be supported on endpoints ending with /photo/value$).
N/A response Read-only response from Microsoft Graph if request was successful.
N/A error Read-only error from Microsoft Graph if request wasn't successful.


Method Description
refresh(force?: boolean) Call the method to refresh the data. By default, the UI only updates if the data changes. Pass true to force the component to update.


Event When is it emitted Custom data Cancelable Bubbles Works with custom template
dataChange Fired after the component loaded its data. { response: any, error: any }. The response property contains the response retrieved from Microsoft Graph. The error property contains information about the error if one occurred No No Yes


For more information about the data returned in the response property see the API reference of the API that you used in the resource property of the Get component.

For more information about handling events, see events.


The mgt-get component supports several templates that you can use to define the look and feel. To specify a template, include a <template> element inside a component and set the data-type to one of the following values.

Data type Data context Description
default The response from Microsoft Graph. The default template is required to render the data coming from Microsoft Graph.
value Data item from the returned value array Use the value template instead of the default template when expecting the response from the graph to contain an array of items - such as messages, files, or users. The value template is automatically repeated for each item returned by the resource. The value template also starts rendering the items as soon as they're ready (unlike the default template).
error The error from Microsoft Graph. This template is used if there's an error making the request.
loading N/A This template is used while the request is being made.
no-data N/A This template is used when the request returned no data.

Microsoft Graph permissions

Permissions required by this component depend on the data that you want to retrieve with it from Microsoft Graph. Microsoft Graph Toolkit verifies that the current user has consented to at least one of the supplied scopes. For more information about permissions, see Microsoft Graph permissions reference.


The control uses the global authentication provider described in the authentication documentation to fetch the required data.


To enable and configure the cache, use the cacheEnabled and cacheInvalidationPeriod properties. By default, the mgt-get component doesn't cache any responses.

Object store Cached data Remarks
response Complete response retrieved from Microsoft Graph for the query specified in the resource property of mgt-get

For more information, see Caching.


The control doesn't expose any localization variables.