App Management: Overview

You can deploy apps on four different paths: Mobile Device Management (MDM), Microsoft Store for Business, Microsoft Store, Provisioning, or by installing them via App Installer.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

An MDM solution enables IT decision-makers and administrators to privately auto-install (push) their in-house, line-of-business apps, or purchase apps through the store for a group of users. HoloLens devices work best with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) for application management. Intune also offers users finer-grained control over IT-managed apps through the Company Portal downloadable experience.


The following instructions are for users who want to manage their applications with Intune. Microsoft recommends using Intune for application and device management.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is applicable for:

  • MDM deployed + Company Portal
  • Line of Business (non-public) apps
  • Manual installation of available applications through Company Portal
  • Admin push through MDM policy
  • Auto update through MDM

Microsoft Store for Business

The Microsoft Store for Business provides IT decision-makers and administrators in businesses to find, acquire, manage, and distribute free and paid apps. IT administrators can manage Microsoft Store apps and private line-of-business apps in one inventory, plus assign and reuse licenses as needed. For more information, visit Prerequisites for using the Microsoft Store for Business.

The Microsoft Store for Business is applicable for:

  • Public or Line of Business apps
  • Automatic installation of required applications through MDM association
  • User manually downloads apps
  • Auto Update

Microsoft Store apps

The Microsoft Store provides IT decision-makers and administrators in businesses to find, acquire, manage, and distribute public apps.

This Microsoft Store is applicable for:

  • Public apps only
  • User manually downloads apps
  • Auto update if connected to Internet

For more information, visit Holographic Store Apps.

Install via Provisioning Packages

Provisioning Packages allow you to install custom or Line of Business apps, allowing IT pros and administrators to install apps quickly to a local device(s) via USB. This installation can be done without an internet connection and for any identity type.

Installing via Provisioning Packages is applicable for:

  • Line of Business / Self-developed (non-public) apps
  • Public apps (if offline installer is available)
  • USB side-loading only
  • No auto update (requires manual updates via Provisioning Package)

Install Apps on HoloLens 2 via App Installer

Using the App Installer users can have an experience that is simple for installing Apps on local devices or sharing an app with someone else who is unfamiliar with other app install methods on HoloLens. This can be done without needing to enable Developer Mode or use Device Portal. This is a simple method of distributing a built app. This method works easily, whether you'd like to deploy your app or you simply want to demo your app to another user with a HoloLens.

Installing via App Installer is applicable for:

  • Line of Business / Self-developed (non-public) apps
  • Side-load only
  • Does not require Developer mode or Device portal
  • Easy for end user to install