Overview of Healthcare data foundations in healthcare data solutions (preview)

[This article is prerelease documentation and is subject to change.]

The Healthcare data foundations capability enhances Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) data processing within the data lake environment and efficiently structures data for analytics and AI/machine learning modeling. These data pipelines flatten or transform the ingested FHIR JSON data into a tabular structure. The data is then stored in the delta parquet format, optimizing it for analytical tooling and storage efficiency.

After transformation, the data becomes accessible for traditional SQL tooling, enabling exploratory analysis on various aspects of healthcare data, including clinical, financial (claims and extended of benefits), and administrative data modules. Utilizing these pipelines for healthcare data streamlines the transformation process, ultimately enhancing analytical capabilities for informed decision-making in healthcare scenarios.

The capability also enables the following functionalities:

  • Data exploration and visualization: With SQL endpoints, you can use T-SQL to query the tabular data, facilitating both ad-hoc and exploratory analysis. With Power BI, you can effortlessly visualize the data stored within OneLake, enabling the creation of dynamic dashboards, insightful reports, and visually appealing charts and graphs. This comprehensive suite of functionalities empowers users to explore and present data in a meaningful and actionable manner. It drives informed decision-making and enhances overall data-driven insights.

  • Data mining and machine learning: Use tabular data to apply advanced data mining and machine learning techniques, enabling the discovery of valuable patterns, trends, associations, and predictive insights within your data. By harnessing these powerful analytical methods, you can gain a deeper understanding of your data and maximize the value derived from your data assets.


The Healthcare data foundations capability is required to run other healthcare data solutions (preview) capabilities. Ensure that you successfully this capability before attempting to deploy other capabilities.

To learn how to deploy, configure, and use Healthcare data foundations, see:

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