Provide advanced analytics dashboard for store leadership


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Jul 2023 Sep 2023

Business value

Insights derived from retail store operations are critical inputs for taking corrective actions and planning for the future. Dashboards help leaders visualize important indicators and turn them into actionable insights. But too much data can be overwhelming. Dashboards can help you easily explore and find insights, such as the factors that drive a particular metric or the anomaly in a specific data set. In addition, dashboards help to improve the way leaders interact with, consume, and make the most out of reports.

Feature details

The advanced analytics dashboard feature aims to make dashboard information easy for consumption for store leadership at the district or headquarters level. It will help leaders identify critical indicators, for instance, viewing underperforming retail stores, teams, and associates, while also understanding the key factors impacting performance.

Managers can also view trends, reading from warm and cold (archived) data. With critical indicators at hand, the leadership team can also use these analytics to drive store compliance, performance review discussions, and suggest potential improvement areas. This capability allows managers to utilize the smart narrative summaries in the dashboard to recap the key takeaways quickly, point out trends, and edit the language and format for a specific audience.