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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Apr 2024 Sep 2024

Business value

Today’s data analytics landscapes often involve various tools and platforms, each with their unique capabilities. The ability to smoothly integrate these tools with structured and managed Azure Data Manager for Agriculture (ADMA) data is vital in harnessing the full power of ADMA as a common data manager. This feature provides a seamless interface for both native Azure and Microsoft Fabric analytics tooling, like Synapse, ADF, AML, and Azure AI, and third-party analytics tools to query, filter, retrieve, and write data back to ADMA. By enabling these integrations, we simplify data access, enhance interoperability, and foster a more dynamic, versatile analytics environment.

Feature details

Integration interface with Azure and Microsoft Fabric Analytics Tooling: This feature enhances ADMA’s compatibility with native Azure and Fabric analytics tooling, facilitating easy access to structured data collections within these environments. Users can seamlessly retrieve and interact with data using Power BI and Microsoft Fabric.