Enable ISV to build capabilities for retail data solutions


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Business value

The genuine value proposition of Microsoft Fabric's retail data solutions comes to fruition when customers can seamlessly leverage a diverse range of connectors, AI/ML models, and solutions. To fully unlock this potential, we aim to proactively collaborate with our independent software vendor (ISV) and systems integrator (SI) ecosystem throughout this semester.

Our objective is to collectively develop a comprehensive set of connectors, AI/ML models, and solutions that enhance and extend the capabilities of retail data solutions. This collaborative effort presents an avenue for our SI/ISV partners to build new capabilities and provides them with the opportunity to monetize these innovations. This initiative opens up avenues for our partners to tap into new revenue streams, creating a substantial opportunity for co-selling alongside Microsoft.

By fostering this ecosystem of collaboration, we envision a synergistic relationship where our partners can thrive by contributing to the growth and richness of the retail data solutions, thereby creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders involved.

Feature details

This upcoming feature is designed to empower Microsoft Cloud for Retail to seamlessly integrate ISV and SI partners onto the retail data solutions platform. It offers these partners the opportunity to develop novel capabilities that contribute to the overall enhancement of the platform. To facilitate this collaborative effort, we are committed to providing comprehensive onboarding support for our partners.

As part of this capability, we will develop specific onboarding guides, tools, and documentation tailored to assist partners in accelerating their journey of building new capabilities on top of retail data solutions. These resources will serve as valuable assets, offering clear insights, step-by-step guidance, and the necessary tools to streamline the onboarding process.

Our aim is to foster a collaborative environment where our partners can seamlessly integrate their expertise, contribute to the platform's growth, and enhance the value proposition for all users of Microsoft Cloud for Retail. Through this initiative, we anticipate a smoother and more efficient onboarding experience, empowering partners to unlock the full potential of retail data solutions.