Manage Store Operations Assist tasks in Teams


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Jun 2024 Sep 2024

Business value

Managing tasks daily is a busy operational practice for retail managers. Tasks can be of a diverse nature and can be on different platforms, which brings even more accountability to the front-line worker to ensure that their tasks for the day are executed at the required time in the expected way, across different applications.

To make the journey of front-line workers easier, seamless, and efficient, this feature gives a common platform for managing all tasks under a single umbrella of Microsoft Teams.

Feature details

Microsoft Teams serves as the centralized platform for managing all your tasks by seamlessly integrating with Store Operations Assist. Now, you can conveniently access and oversee all tasks within the unified interface of Microsoft Teams.

This functionality empowers you to efficiently execute specific Store Operations Assist tasks directly from the Microsoft Teams task window. A simple click on the task opens up a detailed view, allowing you to respond to survey questions and fulfill the task requirements effortlessly. The synchronization of task status ensures real-time updates, enabling you to track the progress of any task with ease through the Teams interface.