Opted-out users data entities

This article provides guidance on how to configure opted-out users data entities in the Intelligent Recommendations data contract.

Data entities review

A data entity is a set of one or more data text files, each having a list of columns (also called attributes) and rows containing the actual data values.

Intelligent Recommendations defines logical groups of data entities, each with its own purpose.


Data entities are optional, unless explicitly stated otherwise, which means that their data can be empty or missing.

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Introduction to opted-out users data entity

*Opted-out users refer to any logged-in users who have elected to opt out from the personalized recommendations experience. Intelligent Recommendations takes into consideration the list of userIds and won't use these users' interaction data for our modeling and won't generate personalized recommendations for that specific user.

There's only one data entity in the opted out users group.

Opted-out users

Data entity name: Reco_OptOutUsers

Description: Users who opted out from personalization


Name Data type Mandatory Default value Invalid value behavior Comments
UserId String(256) Yes Drop entry Length limited to 256 characters.
LastModifiedDate DateTime Yes See guidelines See Required data entities per recommendations scenario for DateTime values.


  • If there's an invalid value for the LastModifiedDate attribute, it will be overridden with a DateTime value that represents when the data was ingested into Intelligent Recommendations.

Sample data:

Headers appear for convenience only and shouldn't be part of the actual data.

UserId LastModifiedDate
User2 2019-10-31T22:30:00.000Z

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