Reco configuration data entities

This article provides guidance on how to configure reco configuration data entities in the Intelligent Recommendations data contract.

Data entities review

A data entity is a set of one or more data text files, each having a list of columns (also called attributes) and rows containing the actual data values.

Intelligent Recommendations defines logical groups of data entities, each with its own purpose.


Data entities are optional, unless explicitly stated otherwise, which means that their data can be empty or missing.

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Introduction to reco configuration data entity

Reco configuration holds all configuration parameters for Intelligent Recommendations. Here you can customize Intelligent Recommendations behavior according to your business needs by enabling or disabling scenarios that are pertinent for your business.

Currently, there are five supported configuration parameters that can be enabled or disabled for your subscription:

Configuration key Default value Description
TrendingListMaxAgeDays 18250 An integer specifying the maximum age (in days) of items that can be considered as candidates for the RecoTrending recommendation list.
TrendingListTransactionsIntervalDays 18250 An integer specifying the number of days to look back when generating the RecoTrending recommendation list.
BestSellingListTransactionsIntervalDays 36500 An integer specifying the number of days to look back when generating the RecoBestSelling recommendation list.
PersonalizationEnabled False A Boolean value specifying whether Intelligent Recommendations should provide personalized recommendations for your users. When this value is False, the following scenarios are disabled: user picks, including picks based on recent purchases and picks based on entire user history. In addition, 'RemoveUserHistory' refinement is disabled when this value is set to False. You can open a support request through your Azure portal account.
ItemIdAsGuid False A Boolean value specifying whether all item IDs in all data entities are using a GUID format.

There's only one data entity in the Reco configuration group.

Reco configuration

Data entity name: Reco_Config

Description: Reco configuration


Name Data type Mandatory Default value Invalid value behavior Comments
Key String(64) Yes Drop entry Supports only the five specified values in Reco configuration data entities for now. Length limited to 64 characters.
Value String(256) Yes Drop entry Length limited to 256 characters.


  • Unsupported keys will be ignored.

  • For keys that appear more than once, only one of the values will be used and the others will be ignored.

  • Keys are case-insensitive.

  • You can provide only the keys that you want to explicitly set a value for. Any missing key will use the default value as stated earlier.

Sample data:

Headers appear for convenience only and shouldn't be part of the actual data.

Key Value
TrendingListMaxAgeDays 18250
TrendingListTransactionsIntervalDays 18250
BestSellingListTransactionsIntervalDays 36500
PersonalizationEnabled True
ItemIdAsGuid False

Here are the suggested default values for this data entity in a CSV format:

  • TrendingListMaxAgeDays,18250

  • TrendingListTransactionsIntervalDays,18250

  • BestSellingListTransactionsIntervalDays,36500

  • PersonalizationEnabled,True

  • ItemIdAsGuid,False

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