Hardware and software requirements for Internet Explorer 11 and the IEAK 11


Update: The retired, out-of-support Internet Explorer 11 desktop application has been permanently disabled through a Microsoft Edge update on certain versions of Windows 10. For more information, see Internet Explorer 11 desktop app retirement FAQ.

Before you can use the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 11 and the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 11, you must first install Internet Explorer 11. For more info about installing IE11, see the Determine the licensing version and features to use in IEAK 11 page.

Hardware requirements

Before you start the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 11, you must check to see how much disk space you have on the drive you're going to use to build the IE11 install package. This drive can be on the same device as the one running the wizard; it just needs to have a secure destination folder.

Before you start to create your install package, you must meet all of the Internet Explorer 11 requirements, plus:

  • Up to 100 megabytes (MB) of disk space, depending on how many components you include in the installation package.

  • An additional 100 MB of disk space for each custom installation package built. Different media types are considered separate packages.

Software requirements

The device you're going to use to build your install packages must be running Internet Explorer 11, on one of these operating systems:

  • Windows 10

    However, you must use the Windows 8.1 target platform and only the "Configuration-only package" is available.

  • Windows 8.1

  • Windows Server 2012 R2

  • Windows® 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (SP1)

The device you're going to use to run IEAK 11 must be running the same version of the operating system as the device where you'll build your install packages.