Express configuration in Intune for Education

Applies to:

  • iOS

  • Windows 10

  • Windows 11

  • Windows 11 SE

    The Express Configuration tile, which says "Launch Express Configuration, click here to choose apps and settings for a group."

Express Configuration enables you to assign settings and apps to users and devices. The launch tile for the step-by-step walkthrough is found on the front page of the Intune for Education portal.

As you click through each step, you'll see that most of the Windows or iOS settings are already configured. These configurations are the default values and are set as recommendations. Recommended OS-specific apps are also preselected. Change the default selections as needed for your school.

Return to express configuration anytime you want to make changes to a group's settings or apps.

Launch express configuration

This section describes how to complete the steps in express configuration. To get the most out of express configuration, make sure you've synced your school data or created groups in Azure AD.

  1. Sign in to the Intune for Education portal.
  2. On the dashboard, click Launch Express Configuration.

If iOS configurations are disabled when you launch express configuration:

  1. From the dashboard, select See all > iOS Device Management.
  2. Upload an Apple MDM Push certificate.
  3. Register an Apple MDM Server token.

Choose a group to configure

Some groups are created and included with your Intune for Education subscription. Intune for Education populates the groups with details from school records. These groups are:

  • All Devices
  • All Users

If you use School Data Sync (SDS) to import your school's records, you'll also see:

  • All Teachers
  • All Students

Intune for Education recommends that you start with the All Users group. Assign the settings that all users must have. For example, password requirements and pop-up restrictions are likely the same for all users.

The choose group screen, which asks users to select a group.

Click the expand/collapse arrow to view or hide all groups. Remember, when you configure a top-level group, its subgroups inherit all of its settings.

Choose apps

You can add the following app types to devices:

Select one or more apps to assign. Apps will immediately be assigned to your group after you click Next.

The app assignment screen. Apps are organized for assignment by different types, including web apps and Microsoft Store for Education apps.

Intune for Education also displays popular apps from the Microsoft Store for Education from across all Intune for Education users.

Choose settings

Express configuration shows you common settings for devices and users in Intune. Settings are separated into OS-specific categories: Windows settings and iOS settings.

The default settings are preset with recommended values. If you want to stick with the recommendations, and not make any changes, click Next. Settings will immediately be applied to your group.

The choose settings screen. Settings are organized into a collapsed list, including divisions such as device sharing, basic device settings, app settings, browser settings, and more.

Change express configuration selections at any time to fit your school's changing policies. For more customization in Intune for Education, view the full list of Windows and iOS device settings.

Review settings

Before saving, review your apps and settings selections. Click Back to make changes. When your review is complete, click Save.

The review your choices screen. It shows the apps and settings selected during Express Configuration.

The completion screen. It shows the "configure more groups" button and completed options. The All Done option offers a short explanation of what's next in the process, including adding devices to Intune for Education by joining them to Azure Active Directory.

Next steps

Assign group admins to help you manage the group you just created. Edit your group anytime by revisiting express configuration. To view more settings, visit the Groups tab.