What is Intune for Education?

Microsoft Intune for Education is a cloud-based, mobile device management (MDM) service for schools. It helps your teachers and students stay productive on classroom devices, and keeps school data secure.

With Intune for Education you can:

  • Manage the desktop and mobile devices students use to access classroom data.
  • Configure and assign the apps students use in the classroom.
  • Control how students and teachers access and share classroom information.
  • Apply school security requirements to devices and apps.

The Intune for Education portal is designed to include only the settings and workflows you need to manage iOS and Windows school devices. From the portal, you can view and take action on your device, user, and app inventory. Intune for Education also supports the Take a Test app, which allows teachers to assess student progress directly from classroom devices.

Sign up for Intune for Education

If you're not already signed up with an Intune for Education account, learn how to get started. The article is for system administrators who are ready to sign up their school for an Intune subscription.

Manually add users to Intune subscription

If you're not using the Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS) service to import student and teacher records, you must manually add users to your Intune subscription. Students and teachers can be added through the Azure portal or through the Microsoft 365 portal. At the time of user setup, you'll also want to grant admin permissions.

Supported OS and browsers

To manage school settings, we recommend using Intune for Education. The portal specifically supports school devices running:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 11 SE
  • iPadOS

The full Microsoft Intune management service supports devices running Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. To view a complete list of Intune-supported web browsers and operating systems, see Supported operating systems and browsers in the Microsoft Intune documentation.

Configuring your Intune for Education tenant

Tenant refers to your organization's instance of Intune for Education. Settings at a tenant-level affect your organization's Intune subscription. Intune for Education has both General settings and iOS Device Management tenant settings.

General settings

The General page of tenant settings asks for your school's IT contact and resource information. Most of this information is optional but is useful to provide an IT point of contact for students and faculty. For more information about editing general settings, see Edit general settings.

iOS device management settings

iOS Device Management settings ask for information about your Apple accounts. These settings are a requirement for organizations who wish to manage their iOS devices in Intune. Until you configure device management for iOS, you can't see or manage iOS-related settings in the Intune for Education portal.

For more information about setting up your device's iOS device management settings, see Setup iOS device management.

Only delegated admins in Intune for Education are allowed to see and change tenant settings.

Does Intune for Education work on shared devices?

Intune for Education works with shared devices, and supports the management of multiple users on a single device. Students who share a device may have different apps and settings targeted to them. When students sign in to a device, they'll see only the apps and settings assigned specifically to them.

Compatible resources and tools

You'll have access to other Microsoft management tools such as:

Use Intune for Education with Microsoft Education tools such as:

Get started with Intune for Education

Import student records with Microsoft School Data sync. Configure school's Windows devices with the Set up School PCs app, or sign in to Intune for Education to set up Apple management for your iOS devices.

From the dashboard, launch Express Configuration. Select a user or device group (such as students, teachers, or 2nd floor Computer Lab) and start assigning apps and settings.

A screenshot of the landing page once logged in to Intune for Education.