Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Volume Licensing Service Center are divided into logical topics to help you quickly find answers to your questions. A brief summary of each FAQ is provided below.

Sign Agreement

Describes how to sign in to Microsoft eAgreement and add your electronic signature to a volume license agreement package sign in.

Sign In to VLSC

Explains how users can register and sign in to the VLSC for the first time.

User Permissions

Explains how permissions are assigned for the VLSC, what someone with each permissions role can do, how to find out what permissions are assigned to you, and how to request new permissions.


Provides information and guidance to individuals named as a Notices Correspondent or Primary Contact on Volume Licensing legal agreements—as well as for all other individuals assigned the Administrator role on the VLSC site.

License Summary

Answers questions about License Summary, which has replaced the former Microsoft License Statement in VLSC.

Software Downloads

Addresses software downloads, including what you can legally download and the best ways to manage your downloads.

Product Keys

Addresses different product key types and how to correctly use each key type.

Online Service Activation for Open programs

Online Service Activation for Volume Licensing programs

Addresses questions about registration, activation, and renewing of services for non-Open programs.

Software Assurance

Answers questions about the new Software Assurance Summary and Manage Software Assurance pages on VLSC.

Support Provided by Licensing Solution Partners

Provides information and guidance about contacting, identifying, and choosing Licensing Solution Partners.

Support for Volume Licensing Orders, Invoices and Payments

Provides invoice and payment scenarios where you should contact your Licensing Solution Partner instead of Microsoft.

Product and Technical Support

Provides information about support for licensing solution, program licensing advice, products, services, and software assurance customers.