Deprecation Notice
The unversioned APIs are going to be sunset soon. We recommend that you migrate to the versioned APIs as well as migrate to the new Content and Community Management APIs to avoid disruptions. See the Migration page for more details. If you haven’t yet migrated and have questions, submit a request on the LinkedIn Developer Support Portal.

There will be periodic changes to LinkedIn Marketing Developer Platform APIs that will require updating your application. Please refer to the table below to stay up to date on sunset dates and migration guides.

Migration Sunset Date Guide
Developers using LinkedIn Marketing APIs for community management solutions migrating to the new Community Management API June 30, 2023 Guide
Content APIs are replacing APIs such as assets, adInMailContentsV2, adCreativesV2, ugcPosts, sponsoredConversations June 30, 2023 Guide
Developers using the unversioned APIs to migrate to the new versioned APIs. June 30, 2023 Guide
Error Message and Code Updates Ongoing Guide
Deprecating filter.industry for Company Search API to use filter.industryV2 June 30, 2022 Guide
New Max Request Length Limits April 30, 2022 Guide
Removing totalBudget and totalBudgetEndsAt Fields from Ad Accounts V2 October 30, 2020 N/A
Ad Campaigns V2 Requires campaignGroup Field October 30, 2020 N/A
Required to Select Specific Ad Analytics Fields September 30, 2020 Guide
Removal of adAudienceMatches endpoint March 31, 2020 N/A
Bing Geo Migration March 31, 2020 Guide
Rich Media Platform Deprecation March 30, 2020