Message Ads


Deprecation Notice
We’re discontinuing Message Ads, starting May 2023. For more information, refer to this help article help article. Alternatively, you can replace an existing Message Ad campaign with a Conversation Ad campaign as detailed in this guide. If you have questions, submit a request on the LinkedIn Developer Support Portal.


Deprecation Notice
The Marketing version 202209 (Marketing September 2022) and below has been sunset and the unversioned APIs are going to be sunset soon. We recommend that you migrate to the versioned APIs as well as migrate to the new Content and Community Management APIs to avoid disruptions. See the Migration page for more details. If you haven’t yet migrated and have questions, submit a request on the LinkedIn Developer Support Portal.

A Message Ad is a message delivered to a LinkedIn member's InMail inbox. Message Ads provide a way for marketers to increase their reach on LinkedIn by sending personalized messages to the audiences that matter most to their business. Unlike InMail communications between members, a Message Ad is a branded message with a call-to-action button that takes the user to an advertiser's landing page. Lead Generation forms can also be attached to Message Ads. A target audience will see Message Ads as part of their messenger experience when they are active anywhere on the LinkedIn site, on desktop or mobile.


  1. You have the Message Ads Campaign and Creative details under an Ad Account. For more information, see

  2. Sender must have permission to send a Message Ad. To manage senders, see Manage Message Ad Senders.

Create a Message Ad

  1. Upload asset for Message Ad by following these steps.
  2. Create AdInMail Content for Message Ad.
  3. Create a draft message ad creative.
  4. Test the draft Message Ad.
  5. Make necessary modifications based on testing. Note: Creative should be in the DRAFT status.
  6. Activate the creative by updating the creative status to ACTIVE. The creative will be directed to the review queue after activation.