Recommended Matches


Recommended Matches extends Recruiter System Connect (RSC) functionality within the applicant tracking system (ATS) via an additional plugin. The solution is presented and optimized to streamline recruiters’ sourcing experience. For every requisition (synced job) via the ATS, LinkedIn automatically presents a stream of matches and recommended candidates from across its network for recruiter users to rate and reach out to. With Recommended Matches, users can:

  • Access the best candidates for a posted job/requisition, even if they haven’t actively applied to yet.
  • Reach out to matches they think are a good fit, and save them to existing ATS requisitions (similar to One-Click Export).
  • Get better matches over time as the algorithm learns from selected preferences.

The Recommended Matches solution will be delivered in the form of an iframe widget and will be implemented in the ATS similar to how the Display Profile Plugin is implemented today. Via RSC’s standard implementation, LinkedIn already receives all ATS jobs via the Sync Jobs endpoint. For the Recommended Matches widget to show a stream of candidates, the following minimum fields for each job must be synced: Job Title and Location.

User Flow

The widget will include the ability for the user to initiate specific actions such as:

  • Not Interested - Ability to specify that they are not-interested in the displayed member.
  • Save to Job - Ability to One-Click Export candidates' stub profile information into the ATS database under that specific requisition.
  • Save and InMail - Ability to One-Click Export candidates' stub profile information into the ATS database under that specific requisition and send an InMail.


Recruiter System Connect (RSC) is a prerequisite for Recommended Matches and must be fully integrated and implemented to enable any of the functionality detailed in these specs.

The plugin is rendered within an iframe and is self-contained; the JavaScript code handles the authentication and renders the content. This feature is dependent on already syncing jobs from your system to LinkedIn.

Customer Enablement

As customers enable/disable Recommended Matches from the Customer Configuration Plugin toggles, your application should display or hide this feature based on the customer's onboardingStatus for integrationType of RECOMMENDED_MATCHES.

Using the customer's app credentials provisioned for Recruiter System Connect, display the Recommended Matches Plugin:

<script src="">
  api_key: {api_key}
  extensions: RMWidget@
<script type="IN/RMWidget"
Parameter Description Required
data-ats-job-posting-id externalJobPostingId of previously synced job using Sync Jobs Yes
data-integration-context Integration context value for the customer's integration. You'll get this value when the customer enables the integration via the Integration Configuration Plugin. Yes
data-width Ability to override default width of the plugin. Default and expected minimum width is 800px. Yes


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