RxComputeContext: RevoScaleR Compute Contexts: Class Generator


This is the main generator for RxComputeContext S4 classes.


    RxComputeContext( computeContext, ...)



character string specifying class name or description of the specific class to instantiate, or an existing RxComputeContext object. Choices include: "RxLocalSeq" or "local", "RxLocalParallel" or "localpar", "RxSpark" or "spark", "RxHadoopMR" or "hadoopmr", "RxInSqlServer" or "sqlserver", and "RxForeachDoPar" or "dopar".


any other arguments are passed to the class generator determined from context.


This is a wrapper to specific class generator functions for the RevoScaleR compute context classes. For example, the RxInSqlServer class uses function RxInSqlServer as a generator. Therefore either RxInSqlServer(...) or RxComputeContext("RxInSqlServer", ...) will create an RxInSqlServer instance.


A type of RxComputeContext compute context object. This object may be used to in rxSetComputeContext or rxOptions to set the compute context.


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See Also

RxComputeContext-class, RxHadoopMR, RxSpark, RxInSqlServer, RxLocalSeq, RxLocalParallel, RxForeachDoPar, rxSetComputeContext, rxOptions, rxExec.


 # Setup to run analyses on a SQL Server
 ## Not run:

# Note: for improved security, read connection string from a file, such as
# connectionString <- readLines("connectionString.txt")

connectionString <- "Server=MyServer;Database=MyDatabase;UID=MyUser;PWD=MyPassword"
sqlQuery <- "WITH nb AS (SELECT 0 AS n UNION ALL SELECT n+1 FROM nb where n < 9) SELECT n1.n+10*n2.n+100*n3.n+1 AS n, ABS(CHECKSUM(NewId())) 

myServer <- RxComputeContext("RxInSqlServer",
       sqlQuery = sqlQuery, connectionString = connectionString)                 
rxSetComputeContext(computeContext = myServer )
## End(Not run)