RxLocalSeq: Generate Local Compute Context


Creates a local compute context object.
This is the main generator for S4 class RxLocalSeq. Computations using rxExec will be processed sequentially. This is the default compute context.


  RxLocalSeq( object, dataPath = NULL, outDataPath = NULL )



a compute context object. If object has slots for dataPath and/or outDataPath, they will be copied to the equivalent slots for the new RxLocalSeq object. Explicit specifications of the dataPath and/or outDataPath arguments will override this.


NULL or character vector defining the search path(s) for the input data source(s). If not NULL, it overrides any specification for dataPath in rxOptions


NULL or character vector defining the search path(s) for new output data file(s). If not NULL, this overrides any specification for dataPathin rxOptions


A job is associated with the compute context in effect at the time the job was submitted. If the compute context subsequently changes, the compute context of the job is not affected.

Note that dataPath and outDataPath are only utiltized by data sources used in RevoScaleR analyses. They do not alter the working directory for other R functions that read from or write to files.


object of class RxLocalSeq.


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See Also

rxSetComputeContext, rxExec, rxOptions, RxComputeContext, RxLocalParallel, RxLocalSeq-class.


 ## Not run:

# Create a local compute context object  
localContext <- RxLocalSeq()

# Tell RevoScaleR to use localContext compute context
rxSetComputeContext( localContext )

## End(Not run)