Transfer eligibility for a subscription between billing accounts

You can transfer a subscription from one billing account to another in the billing section of the Azure portal. Prior to a transfer, the subscription is scanned for third-party products. The transfer is permitted only if all products are cleared for transfer (see the criteria below). The system will generate relevant error messages for the apps that failed to clear to help you determine next steps.


This article does not apply to SaaS offers because SaaS resources are attached to a tenant, not a subscription. SaaS resources are transferable from one billing account to another, but this is done per resource and by Azure support as a support request.

Criteria for transfer approval or denial

You cannot transfer a subscription if any of its third-party apps meet any of the following criteria:

  • The target account is commercial and the app is opt-out to be sold via partners.
  • The app is opt-in for selected partners and the target account is not in the allow list.
  • The offer was a preview offer in the past for selected subscriptions or was a private offer and the subscription is no longer in the allow list.
  • The new billing account is in a region different from where the offer is sold AND the offer is not to be sold in that region.

A blocked transfer remains in effect until you remove the resource from the subscription, after which you can try the transfer again.

Next steps

Get support for Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace