How to set up Desktop Analytics


Desktop Analytics is deprecated and will be retired on November 30, 2022. For more information, see What's new.

Use this procedure to sign in to Desktop Analytics and configure it in your subscription. This procedure is a one-time process to set up Desktop Analytics for your organization.


For information about the general prerequisites for Desktop Analytics with Configuration Manager, see Prerequisites.

Initial onboarding

  1. Open the Desktop Analytics portal in the Microsoft Intune admin center as a user with the Global Admin role. Select Start. Alternatively, on the Configuration Manager console, go to the Software Library workspace, select the Desktop Analytics Servicing node, and select Plan deployments.

  2. On the Accept service agreement page, review the service agreement, and select Accept.

  3. On the Confirm your subscription page, review the list of required qualifying licenses. Switch the setting to Yes next to Do you have one of the supported or higher subscriptions, and then select Next.

  4. On the Give users access page:

    • Allow Desktop Analytics to manage Directory roles on your behalf: Desktop Analytics automatically assigns the Workspace Owners the Desktop Analytics Administrator role. If those groups are already a Global Admin, there's no change.

      If you don't select this option, Desktop Analytics still adds users as members of the security group. A Global Admin needs to manually assign the Desktop Analytics Administrator role for the users.

      For more information about assigning administrator role permissions in Microsoft Entra ID and the permissions assigned to Desktop Analytics Administrators, see Administrator role permissions in Microsoft Entra ID.

    • Desktop Analytics preconfigures the Workspace Owners security group in Microsoft Entra ID to create and manage workspaces and deployment plans.

      To add a user to the group, type their name or e-mail address in the Enter name or email address section. When finished, select Next.

  5. On the page to Set up your workspace:


    To complete this step, the user needs Workspace Owner permissions and additional access to the Azure subscription and Resource Group. For more information, see prerequisites.

    • To use an existing workspace for Desktop Analytics, select it, and continue with the next step.


      You can only have one Desktop Analytics workspace per Microsoft Entra tenant. Devices can only send diagnostic data to one workspace.

    • To create a workspace for Desktop Analytics, select Add workspace.

      1. Enter a globally unique Workspace name.

      2. Select the drop-down list to Select the Azure subscription name for this workspace, and choose the Azure subscription for this workspace.

      3. Create new Resource group or Use existing.

      4. Select the Region from the list, and then select Add.

  6. Select a new or existing workspace, and then select Set as Desktop Analytics workspace. Then select Continue in the Confirm and grant access dialog.

  7. In the new browser tab, pick an account to use to sign in. Select the option to Consent on behalf of your organization and select Accept.


    This consent is to assign the MALogAnalyticsReader application the Log Analytics Reader role for the workspace. This application role is required by Desktop Analytics. For more information, see MALogAnalyticsReader application role.

  8. Back on the page to Set up your workspace, select Next.

  9. On the Last steps page, select Go to Desktop Analytics.

The admin center shows the Desktop Analytics Home page.

Next steps

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