What's new in Desktop Analytics


The recent shift to hybrid and remote work is changing the way organizations manage enterprise devices. Many organizations are moving to modern cloud management solutions. Microsoft is making new features available in Microsoft Endpoint Manager to better facilitate and support this change as you begin your transition to Windows 11 devices.

To align investments with this shift, Desktop Analytics will be retired on November 30, 2022. Over the next year, the types of insights currently found in Desktop Analytics will be incorporated directly into the Microsoft Intune admin center.

For more information, see Preview app and driver compatibility insights in Endpoint Manager.

July 2021

Support for the Windows diagnostic data processor configuration

Desktop Analytics now supports the new Windows diagnostic data processor configuration. This configuration provides you greater control of your Windows diagnostic data. Microsoft acts as a data processor, processing Windows diagnostic data for you as the controller, as defined by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You'll continue to get insights to plan your deployments, and can fulfill data subject requests. These requests are typically to access or export Windows diagnostic data for a particular user.

To take advantage of this change, make sure your environment is up to date:

  • Use Configuration Manager version 2006 with update rollup (4575789) or a later version. Configuration Manager configures enrolled devices with policies for the Windows diagnostic data processor configuration. Update your site and clients to make sure they're using the latest configurations. Use Configuration Manager for the best experience with configuring and enrolling devices into Desktop Analytics.

  • The Windows diagnostic data processor configuration is supported on devices that meet the configuration requirements:

    • Use a supported version of Windows 10
    • The following editions are supported:
      • Enterprise
      • Professional
      • Education
    • The device must be joined to Microsoft Entra ID.


    Devices with an older OS version like Windows 7 will continue to show in Desktop Analytics until January 31, 2022. Use Desktop Analytics to update those devices to a supported version of Windows 10. After that date, Desktop Analytics will only display devices with supported versions of Windows 10.

What's new in Configuration Manager

The Desktop Analytics docs always refer to functionality in the latest version of Configuration Manager current branch. For more information on the latest changes in Configuration Manager, see What's new in Configuration Manager incremental versions.