How to Create a Package

The following example shows how to create a package in Configuration Manager by using the SMS_Package class and class properties.

To create a package

  1. Set up a connection to the SMS Provider.

  2. Create the new package object by using the SMS_Package class.

  3. Populate the new package properties.


    When you are creating a Virtual Application Package, you must set the SMS_Package properties to specific values. Instances of the SMS_VirtualApp class must reference instances of the SMS_Package class that use the properties described in the following table.

    Virtual Application Package

    Property Name Property Value
    PackageType 7
    PkgSourceFlag 2
    PkgSourcePath \\someserver\somesharepath
  4. Save the package.


The following example method creates a new package and populates its properties for use in software distribution.

For information about calling the sample code, see Calling Configuration Manager Code Snippets.

Sub CreatePackage(connection, newPackageName, newPackageDescription, newPackageSourceFlag, newPackageSourcePath)  

    ' Create the new package object.     Dim newPackage  
    Set newPackage = connection.Get("SMS_Package").SpawnInstance_  

    ' Populate the new package properties.  
    newPackage.Name = newPackageName  
    newPackage.Description = newPackageDescription  
    newPackage.PkgSourceFlag = newPackageSourceFlag  
    newPackage.PkgSourcePath = newPackageSourcePath  

    ' Save the package.  

    ' Output the new package name.  
    wscript.echo "Created package: "  & newPackageDescription  

End Sub  
public void CreatePackage(WqlConnectionManager connection, string newPackageName, string newPackageDescription, int newPackageSourceFlag, string newPackageSourcePath)  
        // Create new package object.  
        IResultObject newPackage = connection.CreateInstance("SMS_Package");  

        // Populate new package properties.  
        newPackage["Name"].StringValue = newPackageName;  
        newPackage["Description"].StringValue = newPackageDescription;  
        newPackage["PkgSourceFlag"].IntegerValue = newPackageSourceFlag;  
        newPackage["PkgSourcePath"].StringValue = newPackageSourcePath;  

        // Save new package and new package properties.  

        // Output new package name.  
        Console.WriteLine("Created package: " + newPackageName);  

    catch (SmsException ex)  
        Console.WriteLine("Failed to create package. Error: " + ex.Message);  

The example method has the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description
connection - Managed: WqlConnectionManager
- VBScript: SWbemServices
A valid connection to the SMS Provider.
newPackageName - Managed: String
- VBScript: String
The name of the new package.
newPackageDescription - Managed: String
- VBScript: String
The description for the new package.
newPackageSourceFlag - Managed: Integer
- VBScript: Integer
The package source.
newPackageSourcePath - Managed: String
- VBScript: String
The path to the package source.

Compiling the Code

The C# example requires:









Robust Programming

For more information about error handling, see About Configuration Manager Errors.

See Also

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