Software Distribution Overview

With this release, Configuration Manager expands the abilities of system administrators to centrally manage computers effectively. Building on the capabilities provided by Configuration Manager 2007, Configuration Manager provides a refined tool set for software distribution.

Distributing Software

The software distribution process advertises packages, which contain programs, to members of a collection. The client then installs the software from specified distribution points. The order in which you create the components that make up the software distribution process is important.

  1. Create an instance of SMS_Package.

  2. Create an instance of SMS_Program.

  3. If an existing collection does not identify the users to whom you want to distribute the software, create a new collection by creating an instance of SMS_Collection.

  4. If the package contains source files, define a distribution point for the package by creating an instance of SMS_DistributionPoint.

  5. Create an instance of SMS_Advertisement.

    The following topics show how to create the software distribution components:

    How to Create a Package

    How to Create a Program

    How to Assign a Package to a Distribution Point

    How to Create an Advertisement

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