Quickstart: Set up automatic enrollment for Windows 10/11 devices

In this quickstart, you'll set up Microsoft Intune to automatically enroll devices when specific users sign in to Windows 10/11 devices.

If you don't have an Intune subscription, sign up for a free trial account.


Sign in to Intune in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center as a Global Administrator. If you've already created an Intune Trial subscription, the account you created the subscription with is a Global Administrator.

Set up Windows 10/11 automatic enrollment

For this example, you'll use MDM enrollment so that both corporate and bring-your-own-devices can be automatically enrolled. You will sign up for a free Azure Active Directory Premium subscription.

  1. In the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center, choose All services > M365 Azure Active Directory > Azure Active Directory > Mobility (MDM and MAM).

  2. Select Get a free Premium trial to use this feature. Selecting this option will allow auto enrollment using the Azure Active Directory free Premium trial.

    Screenshot highlighting the Premium trial banner for the Azure Active Directory free Premium trial in the Azure AD admin center.

  3. Choose the Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 free trial option.

  4. Select Free trial > Activate. It can take a minute to activate.

  5. Select Microsoft Intune to configure Intune.

    Screenshot highlighting the Microsoft Itnune option in the list in Azure AD.

  6. Select Some from the MDM user scope to use MDM auto-enrollment to manage enterprise data on your employees' Windows devices. MDM auto-enrollment will be configured for Azure AD joined devices and bring-your-own-device scenarios.

    Screenshot highlighting the "Some" configuration option next to the "MDM user scope" setting.

  7. Choose Select groups > Contoso Testers > Select as the assigned group.

    Screenshot of the "Select groups" assignment pane, highlighting the Contoso Testers example group.

  8. For MAM User scope, select Some to manage data on your workforce's devices.

  9. Choose Select groups > Contoso Testers > Select as the assigned group.

  10. Use the default values for the remaining configuration values on the page.

  11. Choose Save.

Clean up resources

To reconfigure Intune automatic enrollment, check out Set up enrollment for Windows devices.

Next steps

In this quickstart, you learned how to set up auto-enrollment for devices running Windows 10/11. For more information about device enrollment, see What is device enrollment?

To follow this series of Intune quickstarts, continue to the next quickstart.