Turn on iOS/iPadOS supervised mode

Apple iOS/iPadOS supervised mode gives administrators more options when managing Apple devices, making it useful for corporate-owned devices deployed at scale. For example, you can restrict AirDrop or prevent users from changing the name of the device. For a list of settings which require supervised mode, see iOS device restriction settings in Intune.

Intune supports supervised mode as part of the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

For a list of Apple controls that require supervision, see Apple's Payload settings reference.

Turn on supervised mode during enrollment

In the Microsoft Intune admin center, you can turn on supervised mode for devices when you create an Apple enrollment profile in DEP. Under Device Management Settings, check the Supervised box.

Turn on supervised mode after enrollment

After enrollment, the only way to turn on supervised mode is to connect an iOS/iPadOS device to a Mac and use the Apple Configurator (which will reset the device). You can't configure a device for Supervised mode in Intune after enrollment.

Identify a supervised device

To determine if a device is supervised, check the lock screen or About page:

  • On the device's lock screen, it will say This iPhone is managed by "Company Name".
  • On the device's About page, it will say This iPhone is supervised. Company name can monitor your Internet traffic and locate this device.

Next steps

For other device management options, see What is Microsoft Intune device management?