What is Microsoft Intune device management?

As an IT admin, you must ensure that managed devices are providing the resources that your users need to do their work, while protecting that data from risk.

The Devices workload gives you insights into the devices you manage, and lets you activate remote tasks on those devices.

Not all device actions are available for every platform or device. Available actions are shown on the device's overview page (Devices > All devices > choose a device).

Get to your devices

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

  2. Select Devices. This view shows detailed information about the individual devices, and what you can do with them, including:

    • Overview: The Overview page shows a visual snapshot of the enrolled devices, how many devices are using the different platforms, and more.

    • All devices: The All devices page shows a list of the enrolled devices you manage.

      Use the Export feature to create a .zip list of all the devices, in increments of 10,000 (Internet Explorer) or 30,000 (Microsoft Edge, Chrome).

      Select any device to view additional details about that device, like hardware details, installed apps, policies, which remote actions are available for the device, and more.

    • By platform: The items under By platform let you view lists of devices by the specific platform.

    • Device enrollment: This option takes you to the enrollment page.

    • Policy: These options let you set various policies for your organization's devices.

    • Other:

    • Help and Support provides a shortcut on troubleshooting tips, requesting support, or checking the status of Intune.

Available device actions

The available actions depend on the device platform and the device configuration. The following list includes some common device actions. For a complete list of what can be done on your devices, select All devices, and select a specific device. The available actions are shown at the top.

Next steps

Remotely run device actions with Intune