Set up Android device with the Microsoft Intune app and DISA Purebred

Enroll your device with the Microsoft Intune app to gain secure, mobile access to your work email, files, and apps. After your device is enrolled, it becomes managed, which means your organization can assign policies and apps to the device through a mobile device management (MDM) provider, such as Microsoft Intune.

During enrollment, you'll also install a derived credential on your device. Your organization might require you to use the derived credential as an authentication method when accessing resources, or for signing and encrypting emails.

You likely need to set up a derived credential if you use a smart card to:

  • Sign in to school or work apps, Wi-Fi, and virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Sign and encrypt school or work emails using S/MIME certificates

In this article, you will:

  • Enroll a mobile Android device with the Intune app
  • Set up your smart card by installing a derived credential from your organization's derived credential provider, DISA Purebred

What are derived credentials?

A derived credential is a certificate that's derived from your smart card credentials and installed on your device. It grants you remote access to work resources, while preventing unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information.

Derived credentials are used to:

  • Authenticate students and employees who sign in to school or work apps, Wi-Fi, and VPN
  • Sign and encrypt school or work emails with S/MIME certificates

Derived credentials are an implementation of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines for Derived Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials as part of Special Publication (SP) 800-157.


To complete enrollment, you must have:

  • Your school or work-provided smart card
  • Access to a computer or kiosk where you can sign in with your smart card
  • A new or factory-reset device running Android 8.0 or later
  • The Microsoft Intune app installed on your device
  • The Purebred app installed on your device (App should automatically install shortly after device setup. If it doesn't, contact your IT support person.)

You'll also need to contact a Purebred agent or representative during setup.

Enroll device

  1. Turn on your new or factory-reset device.

  2. On the Welcome screen, select your language. If you've been instructed to enroll with a QR code or NFC, follow the step below that matches the method.

    • NFC: Tap your NFC-supported device against a programmer device to connect to your organization's network. Follow the onscreen prompts. When you reach the screen for Chrome's Terms of Service, continue to step 5.

    • QR code: Complete the steps in QR code enrollment.

    If you've been instructed to use another method, continue to step 3.

  3. Connect to Wi-Fi and tap NEXT. Follow the step that matches your enrollment method.

    • Token: When you get to the Google sign-in screen, complete the steps in Token enrollment.

    • Google Zero Touch: After you connect to Wi-Fi, your device will be recognized by your organization. Continue to step 4 and follow the onscreen prompts until setup is complete.

      Example image of Google terms screen that you see if you're using Google Zero Touch, highlighting Accept & Continue button.

  4. Review Google's terms. Then tap ACCEPT & CONTINUE.

    Example image of Google terms screen, highlighting Accept & Continue button.

  5. Review Chrome's Terms of Service. Then tap ACCEPT & CONTINUE.

    Example image of Chrome Terms of Service screen, highlighting Accept & Continue button.

  6. On the sign-in screen, tap Sign-in options and then Sign in from another device.

  7. Write down the onscreen code.

  8. Switch to your smart card-enabled device and go to the web address that's shown on your screen.

  9. Enter the code you previously wrote down.

    Screenshot of the Company Portal website "Enter code" prompt.

  10. Insert your smart card to sign in.

  11. On the sign-in screen, select your work or school account. Then switch back to your mobile device.

  12. Depending on your organization's requirements, you might be prompted to update settings, such as screen lock or encryption. If you see these prompts, tap SET and follow the onscreen instructions.

    Example image of Set up your work phone screen, highlighting Set button.

  13. To install work apps on your device, tap INSTALL. After installation is complete, tap NEXT.

    Example image of Set up your work phone screen, highlighting Install button.

  14. Tap START to open the Microsoft Intune app.

    Example image of Set up your work phone screen, highlighting Start button.

  15. Return to the Intune app on your mobile device and follow the onscreen instructions until enrollment is done.

    Example image of Set up access, register your device screen, highlighting Done button.

  16. Continue to the set up your smart card section in this article to finish setting up your device.

QR code enrollment

In this section, you'll scan your company-provided QR code. When you're done, we'll redirect you back to the device enrollment steps.

  1. On the Welcome screen, tap the screen five times to start QR code setup.

    Example image of device setup Welcome screen, highlighting instructions to tap screen.

  2. Follow any onscreen instructions to connect to Wi-Fi.

  3. If your device doesn't have a QR code scanner, the setup screens will show the progress as a scanner is installed. Wait for installation to complete.

  4. When prompted, scan the enrollment profile QR code that your organization gave you.

  5. Return to Enroll device, step 4 to continue setup.

Token enrollment

In this section, you'll enter your company-provided token. When you're done, we'll redirect you back to the device enrollment steps.

  1. On the Google sign-in screen, in the Email or phone box, type afw#setup. Tap Next.

    Example image of Google sign-in screen, showing that "afw#setup" is typed into field.

  2. Choose Install for the Android Device Policy app. Continue through the installation. Depending on your device, you might need to review and accept additional terms.

  3. On the Enroll this device screen, select Next.

  4. Select Enter code.

  5. On the Scan or enter code screen, type in the code that your organization gave you. Then click Next.

    Example image of Scan or enter code screen, highlighting Next button.

  6. Return to Enroll device, step 4 to continue setup.

Set up smart card


The Purebred app is required to complete these steps and will automatically install on your device after enrollment. If you still don't have the app after waiting a short while, contact your IT support person.

  1. After enrollment is complete, the Intune app will notify you to set up your smart card. Tap the notification. If you don't get a notification, check your email.

    Screenshot of the Intune app push notification on device home screen.

  2. On the Set up smart card screen:

    1. Tap the link to your organization's setup instructions and review them. If your organization doesn't provide additional instructions, you'll be sent to this article.

    2. Tap BEGIN.

    Screenshot of the Intune app, Set up smart card screen.

  3. On the Get certificates screen, tap LAUNCH PUREBRED to open the Purebred app. (The app should have been installed automatically on your device. If you don't have it, contact your support person.)

    Screenshot of the Intune app prompt to open DISA Purebred app.

  4. The Purebred app might need additional permissions from you in order to run properly. Tap Allow or Allow all the time when prompted. For more information about why these permissions are required, speak with your support person or Purebred agent.

  5. Once you're in the Purebred app, work with your organization's Purebred agent to download and install the certificates you need to access work or school resources.


    During this process, tap OK or Install when prompted. Don't change the names of any certificate authorities (CAs) or certificates that you're prompted to install.

  6. After installation is complete, you'll receive a notification that your certificates are ready. Tap the notification to return to the Intune app.

    Screenshot of the "Allow access to certificates" screen

  7. From the Allow access to certificates screen, you'll give the Intune app permission to access the derived credential you got from DISA Purebred. This step ensures that your organization can verify your identity whenever you access protected work or school resources.

    1. Tap NEXT.

      Screenshot of the "Certificates are ready" prompt

    2. When you're prompted to Choose certificate, don't change the selection. The correct certificate is already selected, so just tap Select or OK.

      Screenshot of the "Choose certificate" prompt

    3. Your derived credential is made up of multiple certificates, so you might see the Choose certificate prompt multiple times. Repeat the previous step until no more prompts appear.

  8. Once all of the certificates are processed, wait for the Intune app to finish setting up your device. You'll know setup is complete when you see the You're all set! screen.

    Screenshot of the "You're all set" screen

Next steps

After enrollment is complete, you'll have access to work resources, such as email, Wi-Fi, and any apps that your organization makes available. For more information about how to get, search for, install, and uninstall apps in the Intune app see:

Still need help? Contact your company support. For contact information, check the Company Portal website.