Move to new device management setup

If your organization requires you to move to a new device management setup, you'll need to follow the onscreen steps to add an Android work profile. A work profile separates the work data on your device from the personal data. Your organization will manage the work profile, which consists of only school or work-related files and data. Your organization won't see or manage the personal data on your device.

Complete the following steps to set up your work profile. For a more detailed look at the Android work profile enrollment process, see Enroll device with Android work profile.

  1. On the Update device settings screen, you'll see a message titled Move to new device management setup. Read over the information for a brief explanation of the required change and then tap RESOLVE. If you don't see the resolve button, go to Google Play and install the latest version of the Company Portal app.

    The Update device setting screen, highlighting the move to new device management setup message.

  2. Read over the checklist of steps you'll take to add the work profile. Then tap BEGIN.

    The Move to new device management setup screen, highlighting the begin button.

  3. Continue through the guided setup until all steps in the checklist are marked as complete.

    The Move to new device management setup screen, showing that all steps have been completed.

Still need help? Contact your company support. For contact information, check the Company Portal website.