Configure Microsoft 365 Enterprise services and applications

Our basic set up instructions help you get everyone using your Microsoft 365 services and applications in the shortest time possible. Sometimes getting things configured before everyone starts using them is preferred. For example if you want to configure mail routing, file storage, or sharing policies.

If you want help getting Microsoft 365 set up, use FastTrack or the Setup guides for Microsoft 365 and Office 365 services.

Services & applications Resources
Microsoft 365 Suite - Add your company branding to Microsoft 365 Sign In Page
- Add customized help desk info to the Microsoft 365 help pane
- Add integration with Azure AD and other applications.
- Activate and use mobile device management in Microsoft 365
- Monitor Microsoft 365 connectivity
(Exchange Online)
- Use the Exchange migration advisor to get customized setup guidance
- Set up Exchange Online Protection
- Configure hybrid functionality for SharePoint Server
- Use the SharePoint Planning Guide or the SharePoint deployment advisor to plan and configure additional features
IM and online meetings
- Microsoft Teams deployment overview
- Meetings and conferencing in Microsoft Teams
- Plan your Teams voice solution
File storage & sharing
(OneDrive and SharePoint)
- Set up Microsoft 365 file storage and sharing: Learn when you should use OneDrive to store files and when you should use SharePoint team sites
- Use the OneDrive setup guide to get customized setup guidance
Microsoft 365 applications - Microsoft 365 administrators should use the Office Deployment Guide to get help planning a Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise deployment or upgrade.
- Power BI for Microsoft 365 admin center
- Get started with Project for the web.
- Microsoft Intune deployment advisor
Enterprise Social
(Viva Engage)
- Use Viva Engage with Microsoft 365
- Use the Viva Engage Enterprise setup guide to get customized setup guidance