Microsoft Teams SMS notifications usage report

Information icon This feature requires Teams Premium.

The SMS notifications usage report in the Microsoft Teams admin center gives you an overview of SMS notifications usage for virtual appointments in your organization. It provides usage data for SMS notifications sent in the Virtual Appointments app and in Teams Electronic Health Record (EHR)-integrated appointments.

You can track key data for confirmation and reminder text messages sent to external attendees in virtual appointments scheduled by your staff. The report provides information such as date and time sent, notification type, distribution details, and delivery status.

To access the report, you must be a Global admin, Teams admin, Global reader, or Report reader.

View the report

  1. In the left navigation of the Teams admin center, choose Analytics & reports > Usage reports. On the View reports tab, under Report, select SMS notifications usage.
  2. Under Date range, select a date range of 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days. Then, choose Run report.

Interpret the report

On the Distribution tab, you'll see a chart that provides an overview of SMS notifications usage, by month, for the date range that you selected. The table shows distribution details for each SMS notification that was sent.

Callout Description
1 Each report has a date for when the report was generated. The reports usually reflect a 24 to 48-hour latency from time of activity.
2 The X axis is the selected date range for the report, by month. The Y axis is the number of SMS notifications.
Hover over the dot on a given month to see the number of SMS notifications sent during that time period.
3 You can filter what you see on the chart by selecting an item. For example, select SMS sent in EHR or SMS sent in Virtual Appointments to see only the info related to each one. Changing this selection doesn’t change the information in the table.
4 The table gives you detailed information about each SMS notification that was sent during the selected date range.
  • Sent time (UTC) is the date and time when the notification was sent.
  • Sent from indicates the source of the notification (toll-free number or sender service).
  • SMS notification type shows whether the notification is an appointment reminder or confirmation.
  • Product type indicates the product used to schedule the appointment.
  • Status shows the delivery status. To learn more, see Delivery status descriptions.

Delivery status descriptions

Here are the delivery status values that you may see in the report and what they mean.

Status Description
Delivered Notification delivered to the recipient’s phone.
Not Delivered – Blocked by recipient Recipient doesn't want to receive messages and opted out.
Not Delivered – Invalid phone number The number has an invalid format for the destination
Not Delivered - Phone number doesn't exist The number has a valid prefix and format but doesn't exist or isn't allocated.
Not Delivered - Blocked phone number The number is reported as a spam number and is in the vendor's blocklist.
Not Delivered - Unreachable phone number Recipient's phone is switched off or out of the coverage area.
Not Delivered - Spam detected Keyword-based filter detected spam.
Not Delivered - Recipient blocked Recipient's number is blocked from receiving SMS messages from any sender.
Not Delivered - Other error Other internal server errors.