Change a Windows 365 Business Cloud PC account type in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

Managed Service Provider (MSP) technicians may set the account type for a Business Cloud PC or make changes to an existing account type. The following account types are available:

  • Standard user (Recommended) - Standard user accounts have permission to install software only from the Microsoft Store.

  • Local administrator - Local administrator accounts have permission to install any software and make changes to any part of the operating system. Select this account type only when needed, since malware may use administrator permissions to infect or damage files.


You can set or change the account type only for Cloud PCs with a Business license. You can't change the account type for Cloud PCs with an Enterprise license.

Before you begin

You must be either a Windows 365 Administrator or a Global Administrator in the partner tenant.

Set or change a Windows 365 Business Cloud PC account type

  1. In the left navigation pane in Lighthouse, select Devices > Windows 365.

  2. Select the All Cloud PCs tab.

  3. Use the colored count-annotation bar to drill into Cloud PCs that have a Provisioned status.

  4. From the Filters dropdown menu, select the Business license type to see a list of all Cloud PCs with a Business license within your customer tenants.

  5. From the list of Cloud PCs, select the Cloud PC for which you want to change the account type.

  6. In the Cloud PC details pane, select Change account type.

  7. In the Change Cloud PC account type pane, select the account type for the Cloud PC, and then select Save.

Next steps

Once the update is applied, the assigned user of the Cloud PC will need to sign back into the Cloud PC or restart their device. It may take several minutes for the new changes to appear in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse. The Cloud PC Administrator can also remotely restart the Cloud PC, but the user may lose any unsaved data.

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