View task details in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse provides detailed information on each task within a customer deployment plan. When you view a tenant's deployment plan, all tasks for which Lighthouse can detect existing configurations will have a status assigned to them for each setting and, where applicable, each user.

By default, each task is designated as Compliant, Not compliant, or Not licensed. For a definition of deployment statuses, see Understand deployment statuses in Microsoft 365 Lighthouse. You can deploy, dismiss, or reinstate tasks from this view.

Before you begin

Make sure you and your customer tenants meet the requirements listed in Requirements for Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.

Additionally, each partner tenant user must meet the following requirements:

  • The partner tenant user must have DAP/GDAP access to the applicable tenant.

    • For DAP, the partner tenant user must be a member of the admin agent group.

    • For GDAP, the partner tenant user must be a member of a security group that has been granted GDAP permissions to the applicable workload associated with the task.

  • The partner tenant user must enable MFA for their user account in the partner tenant.

View task details

  1. In the left navigation pane in Lighthouse, select Tenants.

  2. Select an active tenant.

  3. From the tenant page, select the Deployment Plan tab.

  4. From the task list, select a task to see more details.

The task details pane provides an overview of the task, user progress information for the task, and a history of task status for the previous 30 days.

The Overview tab provides the following information:

Detail Description
Status The deployment status of the task.
Description The description of the task.
Baseline The baseline assigned to the tenant.
Category The task category (for example, Identity, Devices, or Data).
Required services The services that are required for completion of the task.
Management portal The management portal where the configuration associated with the task is managed.
User impact The impact of deploying the configuration associated with the task to the tenant's users.
For your users Links to additional resources.

The Deployment progress tab provides user status associated with the task. Users are compliant when all settings are Compliant or Extra, and no settings are Missing or Not Compliant. No progress is reported for tasks that have been dismissed.

The Detection history tab lists and shows a graphical view of each time Lighthouse has scanned the tenant to detect its configuration in the previous 30 days, providing the deployment status for the task and the number of users in each deployment status for each scan.

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