Overview of content processing rules in Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft Syntex lets you build simple rules-driven actions in document libraries based on metadata. From a document library, you can create rules to automate tasks such as sending a notification when metadata changes in a file, when a new file is created in the library, or when files are moved or copied based on metadata extracted by Syntex models.

Diagram of the create rules workflow.

You'll choose a condition that triggers the rule and the action that the rule will take. For example, you can create a rule to move files tagged with a specific customer to a specific library or folder. These rules help you structure your content architecture with the power of AI-driven processing.


This feature is available for users who have Syntex per-user or pay-as-you-go licensing.

Syntex processing rules

Create a rule to move or copy a file from one document library to another

Create a rule to set a content type when a file is added to a document library

Manage a rule

  1. In the document library, select Automate > Rules > Manage rules.

    Screenshot of the document library showing the Automate > Rules > Manage rules option.

  2. On the Manage rules page, you can see the rules that have been applied. You can turn on or off a rule or create a new rule to automate actions on a specific document library.

    Screenshot of the Manage rules page showing the rule and actions.