Microsoft Copilot for Service overview

Microsoft Copilot for Service transforms traditional customer service solutions by using generative AI. Copilot for Service is designed to enhance customer experiences and improve agent productivity by integrating seamlessly with existing contact center and CRM solutions. Unlike other conversational AI development tools, Copilot for Service requires no software installation or complex integrations.

Copilot for Service can be deployed in Microsoft apps and products, such as Outlook and Teams, providing service-specific AI capabilities to help improve your agents' productivity. With agent-facing Copilot, agents can provide exceptional service without disrupting their existing workflows With instant access to real-time responses from a variety of content sources, including third-party knowledge bases like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.

Copilot for Service in Outlook and Teams

You can use Copilot for Service to connect and sync with your CRM to get all the relevant information in one place. This feature is available for Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Salesforce.

Agent Copilot

Empower your support agents with an AI-powered copilot that provides them with instant access to relevant and helpful support content. The agent-facing copilot utilizes generative AI to deliver content from a variety of sources, including your company website, uploaded files, and knowledge base sources. Unlike other solutions that require extensive training and adoption, Copilot seamlessly integrates into your existing customer engagement hub. See: Overview of agent-facing copilots.

Customize and configure your copilots

When you create a copilot with Copilot for Service, you can specify and manage the content sources that your copilot uses to generate real-time responses and configure conversational behavior, such as greeting messages.

Extend with Microsoft Copilot Studio

You can extend Microsoft Copilot for Service with Microsoft Copilot Studio.

Licensing requirements

Your users need the Microsoft Copilot for Service license to use Copilot for Service and the agent-facing copilot.

Roles and permissions

See Roles and privileges required to use Copilot for Service required by administrators and users to use Copilot for Service.

Supported languages and regions

Copilot for Service and the agent-facing copilot are available in the United States and support the English language only. However, the agent-facing copilot allows you to use multiple UI languages to create a copilot. See: Language support.

Next steps

Deploy Copilot for Service
Create and deploy an agent-facing Copilot