Overview of Copilot for Service

Copilot for Service is an app that helps you work more efficiently as a customer service agent. It works with Dynamics 365 Customer Service or Salesforce and lets you do things like:

  • Connect to your CRM. See important details about your contacts, cases, and activities in your customer relationship management (CRM) system, right in Outlook and Teams. You can even edit, share, and open the records in your CRM.
  • View a case summary: Get a quick overview of a case in your CRM system.
  • Draft emails with AI: Write faster and better with Copilot's help. Choose from predefined response categories or create your own prompt, and Copilot generates suggested content that you can use as-is or revise.
  • Refine generated content: Modify the generated content by providing a new prompt that builds on the previous suggestion, and tailor your email replies to suit your needs and style.
  • View email conversation summaries: Get a summary of an email conversation.
  • Understand the data sources behind generated content: See which case was used to generate a summary or email response.
  • View and update CRM record details in Microsoft Teams. View a CRM record in a Teams

Next steps

Sign in to CRM from Outlook
Manage CRM contacts with Copilot for Service
View and draft email information
Share and update CRM records in a Teams conversation